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After building and enjoying my MAME cabinet.  I realized that it just wasn't able to play driving games well.  So I decided to build a sit down version but use my xbox instead of MAME since it has better driving games.  Of course it's a modded box with a bunch of different games loaded.  I designed my cabinet using Sketchup and bought 2 sheets of MDF to build with.  Then we had our second son Logan and all projects got put on hold.  Well 5 months later I finally finished and I think it turned out great.   Thanks to my brother Ned for the custom marquee and help painting the flames.  

The build

A 2x4 base frame (32"W x 64"L x 5' H ) with center TV stand support and 3/4" main side walls.  All other panels are 1/2" and it was glued and screwed together.   The steering wheel is a Fanatec Speedster 3 force feedback model with gas and brake pedals.   The seat is from a Mazda RX7 fully adjustable and the tail lights are from my old boat trailer.  The marquee is backlit and the brake lights have LED's in them on a switch.   The personalized license plate is hand painted along with the flames by my brother and myself.  A few extra touches are the 2nd controller hook and Velcro strips down the floor to hold the gas pedal for different sized drivers.  Lastly, routered cup holders on each side of the steering wheel and real car floor mats.  The steering wheel and gas pedal can be easily removed to allow for my monstrous Steel Battalion controller and pedals I have yet to play with.  Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. 

Stop by anytime and we can race...

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